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Make Halloween A Fun-filled Learning Opportunity

Child or adult, Halloween brings out our love for all things spooky, outrageous and fun. Not to mention your child’s imagination runs wild delving into costumes, exploring haunted houses and carving pumpkins until his or her little fingers are sore. With fall and the anticipation of Halloween in the air, take advantage of your child’s interest and love of art. Insert a little learning into fun without hearing your child sigh, “Mom!” (or Dad!”) isn’t a small task, but we have some solutions to keep you on your toes with discerning elementary school children.

Costume Creation Station In the first week of October, call your children to action with a fun family event, the Costume Creation Station. Appoint a special place within the home where your children can work on their costume. This space should facilitate writing as well as creating with arts, crafts and glues. Make sure it’s well-lit and comfortable. Stock the space with books that detail various homemade Halloween costume solutions. Invite your children to peruse the books. Coach them to read the instructions on how to make costumes that interest them. For young children, you can even squeeze in some handwriting practice and ask them to copy the list of items they need to purchase for the costume creation. This will give them a chance to work on their penmanship and spelling while also empowering them in the store when it’s time to purchase the items. Then, when boredom strikes on a Saturday afternoon, remind your children of the costume project and get them working on making their costume dream come true. If possible, give them a camera to document the experience and print the photos of before and after out into an album.

Spooky Slumbers Sleepovers are popular among 8–12–year–olds but doing the same things over and over can make them somewhat of a bore. Try adding a little scare to slumbers this fall and have your child and his or her friend write a ghost story. Don’t just make it any story, give them tools to be real artists and bring the story to life with items like pipe cleaners, markers, stickers, paints, glitter, glue sticks, hard pasta noodles, black and orange ribbons and more. Children can bind their handwritten ghost stories with construction paper, a hole puncher and the ribbon. This activity gets children reading, writing, creating and provides a vehicle for exploring the spirited holiday.

These are just a couple of ways that learning can be sprinkled into the season. Learning can be a spooktacular time!