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Making the Most of August

August 1, 2011 ~

Getting children prepared to start a new school year can be a hectic time for parents.  Whether its transitioning young minds from summer to school or ensuring the necessary items have been purchased, the following tips can help moms get through the back-to-school season stress-free.
Review Materials as Soon as They Arrive
Make sure to review any materials sent by the school as soon as they arrive. In addition to information about your child’s room, teacher and schedule, these packets should also contain important information about required supplies. By reviewing the materials early, you will have a chance to go through your child’s school supplies and see what can be repurposed. If an old notebook only has a few used pages, tear them out and use it for a new subject. If a binder still works fine but looks a little dingy, have your child decorate it with pictures from his or her summer vacation.
By reviewing the materials early, you will be able to determine what items have to be purchased to start the new school year, and you can get to the stores early to beat the back-to-school rush.
Save on Back-to-School Supplies
From new clothes to backpacks, binders and pens, getting all the supplies children need to head back to school can be a burden on any parent’s wallet. The good news is that there are ways to save on all the necessities children need for school.
When it comes to new clothes, remember to purchase only the necessities. Many summer clothes can be worn well into early fall, which means that by the time the weather makes a new wardrobe necessary, you could find great deals on fall items.
For notebooks, paper, pencils or pens, think quantity instead of quality. The rate at which these items are torn, broken or lost means generic instead of name brands will be your best bet. Make sure to visit dollar stores to make the most of your back-to-school budget.
Rehearse the First Day of School
Ease anxiety by walking through the first day of school. A few days before school starts, have the family go through its first-day-of-school routine so everyone is prepared when the real day arrives.
The night before the rehearsal, children should pack their backpacks, pick out their first-day outfits, set their alarms and go to bed early. When the morning arrives, everyone should get up, get dressed and head to school. This way, everyone will know how long the morning routine and commute will take, and adequate time can be set aside when the big day arrives.
For younger children, it can be especially beneficial to take them to school, walk them in and show them their classroom. This will make them more confident when they have to do it on their own.
Hopefully, these back-to-school tips will help you make the most of August and beat the back-to-school stress. For more family tips to make heading back to school easier, visit