Marissa, 5: Instructor Grace Kim - Kumon

Marissa, 5: Instructor Grace Kim

September 15, 2010 ~

Marissa, started Junior Kumon when she was just 3 ½ years old because her mother, Laura, felt strongly about encouraging a love of learning. Currently, Marissa, 5, is studying two years above her grade level and is enthusiastic about starting kindergarten this year.

“I want to equip Marissa with study skills, discipline and focus as she advances through academia,” said Laura. “Kumon lays the groundwork for her development and success.”

Laura says starting early has nurtured a love of reading and learning and an “I can do it!” attitude.

Laura also dedicates time to introduce Marissa to different cultures and ethnicities and frequently takes her to the cultural arts center and library for activities. Marissa is also involved in ballet, tap and gymnastics.

“We want to expose her to everything, and Kumon – in conjunction with her other activities really gives her a worldly understanding,” said Laura. What is Marissa’s outlook on Kumon? “I like Kumon because it helps me learn more and more and makes me smart,” said Marissa. “I love to read, and now I can do my math really fast!”