Mashad, 13: Instructor Marylyn Ponder - Kumon

Mashad, 13: Instructor Marylyn Ponder

June 17, 2010 ~

Mashad, 13, from Brownsville, Texas will be heading to Washington, D.C., on June 2, 2010, to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. He recently won the Rio Grande Valley Regional Spelling Bee, qualifying him to attend the national spelling bee in Washington, D.C.

After moving to Brownsville two years ago, Mashad’s parents discovered Kumon while searching for an after-school program that would challenge Mashad’s enthusiasm for math. He is currently studying Level H with the goal of completing the program.

“Mashad enjoys setting goals and achieving more on his own, whether it be in his academics or extra-curricular activities,” said his father, Raj. “He has such a thirst for learning and knowledge.”

Mashad enjoys playing the piano, is involved in the robotics club at school and recently played the lead role of the Johan Strauss’s valet in his school play, “The Tale That Wagged the Dog.”

“Mashad is such a dedicated and hardworking student that I am not surprised he is heading to the national spelling bee,” said his Kumon Instructor, Marylyn Ponder of the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Brownsville. “He wants to keep challenging himself. I am so proud of him.”