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Math Games and Activities Your Child Will Love to Play

These simple math games are fun to play. Try them at home with your young children!

  1. Dye Drop Count

March and April isn’t the only time of the year to use food coloring or egg dyes. If you have any dyes left over from this past spring, considering using the excess materials to play this fun game. Start by adding several drops of 2 -3 different food coloring dyes to a clear plastic cup filled with water. Then invite your children to use their math and critical thinking skills to figure out the number of drops needed to recreate that same hue. When playing, don’t forget to encourage your children to use paper and pencils to keep track of which dyes and how many drops of each were used.

  1. Color Count

This simple and easy game can be played using items you already have. Pile items of various colors such as red, yellow, and blue on a table or on the floor. Then ask your children to organize them by color. Once completed, ask them to determine which of the organized piles holds more items or even to count the number of items in each color category.

  1. Fish Addition

Fishing doesn’t have to be only an outdoor activity with this fun game. Start by cutting construction paper into the shape of fish. On one side of the cut-out, write a math problem such as 2 + 1, or 2 + 2. On the opposite side, write the answer to that math problem. Do this until you have 25 – 30 fish and then place all of them into a bowl. Once finished, invite your children to “go fish” by correctly answering the math problem on the fish they reeled in. If they don’t answer the math problem correctly, the fish must be returned back to the bowl. As an added challenge to the game, invite your children to figure out how to come up with a particular sum. For example, if the fish had “4,” written on it, they need to figure out a math equation to come up with that sum.

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