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Math or Sports? Parents Weigh in on What is Critical to a Student’s Success

A recent study by Raytheon Company asked parents from around the country, what factors or skills were the most important in defining their children’s future successes? 53% of parents agreed; children’s math success is an essential factor in determining their future, lagging well behind was athletic abilities with only 5%.

This data indicates that the majority of parents understand the importance of math as part of their children’s development. During their children’s free time, 46% of parents prefer to have their children engaging in sports.

In order to reinforce the importance of math in your children’s life, be sure to encourage math practice inside and outside the classroom. You may also want to present opportunities for your children to see math as a fun activity, rather than as a chore. For ideas, check out our blog post featuring 15 Math Games to Spark Your Children’s Interest.

In addition, if your children is more interested in sports than math, help them use their math skills to calculate their (or their favorite athlete’s) batting average, pass completion rating, or shooting percentage.

By giving your children opportunities to do math outside of the classroom, you can help them see the importance math plays in their education.