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Math Tips 

Learn how your child can improve their math skills by using these simple and useful tips.

7 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

March 14th is a special day for mathematicians and math-lovers all around the world. Not only does this day mark the birthday of Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, but March 14th is also the calendar equivalent of pi or 3.14. To celebrate, many students recognize this special day


How Science and Math are Related

Math plays more of a role in our lives than many people realize. Math is also a huge part of your child’s studies in science. Although science may appear to be quite a different subject, the study of math can ultimately help your child more readily understand concepts in science.

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Activities to Make Math Fun for Children

For some children, practicing math can be seen as an arduous and daily chore, resulting in negative feelings towards math. One way to help to change your children’s attitude about math is by transforming it into a fun activity. We have compiled a list of activities to help change your children’s perspective on math.


Building a Solid Math Foundation

“You might be surprised to hear that some people at MIT are struggling with math, but it happens. I see some kids in my dorm staying up all night trying to get their homework done. Not me. Kumon gave me a strong math background so that I didn’t struggle with my homework like some of