Matthew, 6: Instructor Raj Walia - Kumon

Matthew, 6: Instructor Raj Walia

February 9, 2011 ~
Six-year-old Matthew is not only a Kumon Math and Reading student at the Walnut West Kumon Center in California, but he knows all the U.S. capitals and is an avid soccer fan because of the World Cup.
Matthew’s parents enrolled him at the Walnut West Kumon Center for enrichment purposes when he was 4 years old. In the last two years, Matthew has advanced through eight levels in math and 10 levels in reading. He is now studying level G in math and DI in reading as a second grader.
Matthew’s advanced math skills helped him skip two grades.
Even as a second grader, Matthew has seen the benefits of Kumon reflected in his schoolwork. “Kumon has helped me in school because I am faster now,” said Matthew.
Matthew may see speed as a skill he has learned at Kumon, but his parents have seen other skills develop as a result of his Kumon study.
“Because of the way Kumon is structured, he has built confidence, which has also led to a sense of perfectionism within him,” said Marianne, Matthew’s mother. “Before Kumon he wouldn’t talk if he couldn’t find the right words. Now, because of the reading program, he has an increased vocabulary and can find the right words to use.”
Although Matthew pushes himself to achieve more, his success at Kumon wouldn’t have been possible without his support system, including his Kumon Instructor Raj Walia, his parents and his grandfather – who is a big Kumon advocate.
Matthew hopes to complete both the math and reading program one day, but for now he’ll continue to enjoy Kumon.
“There isn’t anything I don’t like about Kumon,” Matthew said with a smile while working on his math worksheets.