Matthew, 5: Divya Bhatnagar, Instructor  - Kumon

Matthew, 5: Divya Bhatnagar, Instructor 

While some may underestimate the abilities of children, the parents of five year old Matthew knew he had the potential to soar – and so did his Kumon Instructor. At age three, Matthew’s parents enrolled him at their local Kumon Math and Reading Center to give him a foundation strong enough to become a confident student. They noticed an improvement in his concentration and focus within his first three months in Kumon.  Now in pre-K, Matthew’s success includes being praised for being the first student in his class to read a book on his own from start to finish.


“As parents, you are sometimes not aware of your child’s strengths,” says Matthew’s mother, Rosebud. “But with the [Kumon] Instructor’s encouragement and support, she makes us aware that he is ready for the next challenge.” Matthew gets excited about coming to Kumon and takes pride in letting his parents know he has homework. He doesn’t mind making corrections to his assignments because he wants to get it right.


When asked to give his thoughts on the Kumon Program, Matthew was excited to share that he finds the program to be “good” and also declared “It’s fun to read.” When Matthew grows up he wants to be a doctor.  For now, he enjoys riding his bike, solving puzzles and playing games with his friends.  As Matthew progresses he continues to make his family more proud each day.  With a love of learning and desire to give it his all, Matthew has become a bright and shining star in his school classroom and in Kumon.