Medhansh, Age 9: Srividya Venkatasubramanya, Instructor - Kumon

Medhansh, Age 9: Srividya Venkatasubramanya, Instructor

Medhansh has always loved to read. As an inquisitive 4 ½-year-old, his introduction to the Kumon Reading Program further developed his passion for books. Progressing through the word, sentence, and paragraph building blocks of the program, Medhansh eventually found himself studying material in Kumon years above his grade level.

To keep him motivated as he reached the higher levels of the program, his Kumon Instructor Srividya worked closely with him and his parents. Collectively, they arrived at a study plan that kept his progress moving forward and motivation continuously high.

Before his 9th birthday, Medhansh completed the entire Kumon Reading Program! From fiction to non-fiction, math books to dictionaries – he has yet to come across a book that doesn’t spark his curiosity.  Medhansh frequently composes short stories and poems as he reflects upon what he has read.

Now as a student in the Kumon Math Program, Medhansh is connecting the work he does in Kumon with his success in school. “Math is super easy for me in school,” says Medhansh. “I’m glad I keep doing Kumon today.”  Although he recalls the time he spent studying multiplication and division in Kumon, he’s more focused these days on the higher levels he currently studies, which cover factorization and fractional expressions.

Medhansh’s mom is convinced that Kumon has developed his focus and concentration to do his school assignments faster, giving him extra time to be involved in other extracurricular activities. Medhansh is an avid swimmer and plays classical Indian violin. When he grows up, he wants to be a marine biologist and an author. He frequently makes book recommendations to his Kumon Instructor and perhaps it will be kismet when she reads one of his books someday.

This young student now stands confident knowing that challenges are merely steps to greater rewards.