Megan, 11 Years Old: Instructor Jean Rummer - Kumon

Megan, 11 Years Old: Instructor Jean Rummer

September 14, 2011 ~

Eleven-year-old Megan attends Kumon of Auburn-Opelika in Auburn, Alabama, twice a week with Instructor Jean Rummer. She also dances in the Montgomery Youth Ensemble and rides her pony, named Lost My Sock. This summer she will continue her Kumon studies while attending dance camp and competing in riding competitions.

“Megan actually has more activities during the summer than during the school year, so she has to stay ahead of the curve, and Kumon helps her do that,” said Stephanie, Megan’s mother. “Last summer, Megan was riding, dancing and even attended space camp, by everywhere she went, Kumon went with her.”

Megan started Kumon three years ago in level A1 in reading and Level 2A in math. She is currently studying level J in reading and level G in math with the goal of completing both programs. Megan’s math study has allowed her to participate in accelerated math classes at school. “Kumon helped me a lot last fall when we returned to school,” said Megan. “Many of my classmates had forgotten their math, and I had been practicing all summer and was even ahead.”