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Motivating Your Children in 3 Simple Steps

Now that it’s October and the excitement of the new school year has worn off, some parents may be finding it difficult to keep their children motivated. By implementing these smart strategies at home, you can help keep your children as excited about the 40th day of school as they were about the first.

    1. Get Positive and Stay Positive

If children feel frustrated or unmotivated, it can be a challenge to encourage positive thinking. One way to help is by having your children track their progress to show how far they’ve come. Implementing a visual learning chart at home can help your children track their academic progress. Doing so can ultimately help motivate them to continue their success.

  • Reward Achievements


Achievements, big and small, deserve to be rewarded. In fact, studies have shown that rewards can help motivate people to perform better and work harder. For example, students enrolled in the Kumon Program can participate in kumon+, a loyalty program that rewards students for investing time in their development in the Kumon Program. Each month, as students begin to achieve more than they thought they could, they earn points that can be exchanged for exciting prizes. Setting up a similar system at home can be a great way to help your children stay motivated all year long.

  • Model Positive Behavior


Children are more likely to adopt positive behavior when they see it at home. Your children may become more interested in reading after noticing you quietly read a book or even the newspaper regularly. Becoming organized may seem less daunting to your children when they see the steps you take daily to plan tasks. Be the change you want to see in your children.

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