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Nathan, age 15: Renuka Sadacharan, Instructor

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While many 10th graders are learning the Pythagorean Theorem, Nathan is ahead of the game, studying loci and quadratic inequalities. Sounds daunting to many, but to a member of math, debate and Hi-Q teams this is “stuff” that dreams are made of. Hi-Q is the oldest academic quiz competition in the United States. Questions range from art, history to science. In April 2016, Nathan’s Hi-Q team recently took home the national championship. “It feels great. We put in all the hard work. It feels great in the end. We felt we were prepared for this moment,” said Nathan.

Nathan was in the first grade when he enrolled in the Kumon Math program. Now a high school sophomore, he’s only one level away from completing the Kumon Math program. At school, he made the 2014-2015 Distinguished Honor Roll and Academic Honor Roll. Nathan is also taking three Advanced Placement courses and advanced math this year. He’s on the junior varsity swimming and tennis teams. During the summer he’s part of his school’s science buddies program, serving as a “big brother” by helping young kids improve their math skills.

“I am a proud parent,” said his father Raj. “Nathan is well rounded, has become a good mentor and has an excellent attitude. There were many times he felt like giving up the Kumon Program but got self-motivated and set goals for himself.” Nathan feels that his parents and Kumon Instructor, Renuka Sadacharan have been integral to his success. Since he first started Kumon, he’s been routinely working on it almost every day.

Nathan reflects on his Kumon experience and sums it up this way – “If you take any athlete, engineer, doctor or scientist, they never became great overnight. Practice made them great. I followed the same approach with Kumon all these years.” As he enters adulthood, Nathan plans on becoming a doctor.