Nathaniel, 10: Instructor, Daihieu Tran - Kumon

Nathaniel, 10: Instructor, Daihieu Tran

June 5, 2012 ~
Nathaniel, 10, recently received a big reaction from the San Joaquin County justice system. This fifth grade student at South West Park Elementary in Tracy, California, however, is not in trouble with the law. On the contrary, Nathaniel made an immensely positive impression on the court.
Last November, Nathaniel served as a court reporter during a mock trial program that introduces fifth grade students to the justice system. While most students simply pretend to type notes, Nathaniel shocked and impressed the judge who was leading the program by typing a full length report on the trial – in “real-time” – without any guidance from an adult.
The judge was so impressed by Nathaniel, she shared his report and praised his academic ability and initiative in an article she wrote for a local legal publication, saying, “If this is any example of what our youth will bring to the table in the years ahead, we may not be in such bad shape as a society after all.”
Nathaniel, a Kumon Reading Program Completer and Level N Math Student, says Kumon is a contributing factor to his success.
“I believe I improved my critical thinking and analytical skills from upper levels in the Reading Program and some in-depth calculation skills from the Math Program,” said Nathaniel. “I can use these skills to evaluate real-life situations.”
Nathaniel’s parents, Victoria and Daihieu, both Kumon Instructors, also give credit to Kumon.
“We consider ourselves fortunate to find the Kumon Program for Nathaniel,” says Victoria. “The Kumon mantra: ‘Yes, I can’ is truly applied to our son and has built his confidence in school and in life.”
Nathaniel continues to strive for achievements, such as winning his elementary school’s spelling bee and the county Math Olympiad contest, both of which he has received awards for in the past, but he also sets his goals high for the future. Nathaniel is interested in politics and history and hopes to attend Stanford University one day.
Nathaniel says, “I wish to become a politician in the future and try to make the world a better place.”