National Book Month –


National Book Month

There is more to celebrate in October than Halloween. Did you know that October is also National Book Month? At Kumon we love books and believe in daily reading. This month we encourage parents to immerse children into a new journey for a chance to explore reading outside the classroom.

There are hosts of different ways to celebrate National Book Month as a family. Try these out with your kids and we are sure they will give rise to fun, conversation and learning.

Perk Up Your Child’s Love of Reading with Pop Culture Classics The wildly popular book series such as Harry Potter or the Twilight sagas have a whole generation of children and teenagers lining up to buy the newest release and hurrying home to devour the pages. When was the last time you ran out to stand in line for a book? If you’re like most parents, it’s been a while, unless of course you were standing in line to scoop up the last available copy of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” for your 9-year-old. And yet, it’s so exciting, so amazing to see kids of all ages flock to the store to buy literature and hole themselves up in a room reading. Embrace this amazing trend. Visit your local book store and find out which new authors and books are slated to arrive. Make the outing an experience and talk to your child about which new novel you should tackle as a family.

Remember there is a never-ending world of literature and many of great books never make the “best of book” lists. is a book club that takes some of the guesswork out of finding a good read for anyone in the family. The site offers easy-to-follow steps that will determine books that match any reader’s interests. If you need new book ideas, also ask your Kumon Instructor. Kumon offers a complimentary reading list with hundreds of titles and authors from around the world.

Make Reading Events Destination Points In Your Family Calendar One of the easiest places to be inspired and let reading thrive is your local library. Many libraries now keep a calendar with news and events highlighting child-appropriate reading activities, guest authors and featured story telling hours. No matter what age, your local library can be a constant resource of learning entertainment. But don’t stop there. Check out your state’s book fair. While it may not occur in the month of October, it’s definitely an event your family won’t want to miss. The Center for the Book at the Library of Congress publishes a calendar of book fairs by state to make it easy for you to plan trips or outings in anticipation of these events.

National Book Month reminds us that learning is the ultimate entertainment for families and children. Don’t miss out on literary milestones in your community and the world. Take advantage of touring authors and new book releases so that reading becomes part of the fabric which threads your family together and puts reading at the top of everyone’s I-want-to-do-list.