New to the Kumon Program? Here Are a Few Things to Expect - Kumon

New to the Kumon Program? Here Are a Few Things to Expect

Given the right tools and opportunities, children can do anything. With help from the Kumon Program, your child can build the academic skills and confidence needed to achieve his or her goals. Through continuous study, students become self-motivated, independent problem solvers, inside and outside the classroom. To help your newly enrolled child start building his or her academic future, we’ve outlined three important tips to make the Kumon Program work best for your family:

  • Set a Kumon time at home

When beginning any new activity, whether it’s tennis, ballet, or math club, it’s important to integrate it into your child’s routine. Set aside space in your home for your child to work on Kumon worksheets away from any distractions. Establish a time for him or her to complete the task every day. Helping your child form a Kumon homework habit now can help prevent school homework hassles later.

  • Understand the importance of the starting point

When your child first begins the Kumon Program, he or she will start at a level where there are no gaps in his or her knowledge. This allows your child to build strong study habits, which will be increasingly important as each level increases his or her knowledge of the subject. It also encourages understanding of each concept before building on it further.

  • Celebrate accomplishments

The Kumon Program is not a quick fix. Unlike tutoring, Kumon is designed to help students achieve long-term success by encouraging them to build their math and reading skills a little bit each day. As a Kumon Parent, it’s important to celebrate your child’s accomplishments, no matter how large or small. The praise that your child receives can help give him or her the confidence needed to achieve huge successes.