Nina, 14: Instructor, Sue McLean - Kumon

Nina, 14: Instructor, Sue McLean

April 11, 2012 ~

As a third grader, Nina entered her local Kumon Center in Houston to further develop her math skills.  However, within just three years, Nina quickly excelled in her Kumon studies, completing the entire math program at just 12 years old!

It was when Nina reached level K that she knew she could complete the math program, which ends in level O.  “I realized I didn’t want to stop,” she said.  “I knew that there were still formulas and theorems I didn’t cover, yet I wanted to learn more.”
By the time Nina was in the 6th grade, she had become so confident in her math ability that she joined the math club and competition program offered at her middle school.  It became clear how much Kumon was helping her during this time when her math coach began teaching her team how to rationalize fractions.  Nina notes, “It was supposed to be new for us, but I was the first one to find the answer for each question.”
This confidence was just what was needed to motivate Nina to complete the Kumon Math program.  Her family and Instructor were also a huge encouragement.  “Ms. Sue was incredibly helpful by tracking the progress I was making,” said Nina.  With dedication and perseverance, Nina was able to complete 10 Kumon Math levels within her first year, reach G by 5 status, as well as ASHR.
“Nina has been a joy, one of the most exceptional students I have worked with,” said her instructor Ms. Sue. “Although she started out as a normal finger-counting third grader, she astonished me by going from Level 2A to G in only four months. She truly has a passion for math.”
Nina, currently an 8th grader, continues to compete in math competitions throughout Texas.  She has big plans to pursue her higher education at either Stanford or MIT. With hopes of becoming an astrophysicist, Nina dreams of one day working for NASA.  When she’s not studying, riding her bike, or taking photos for fun, Nina can still be found at her local Kumon Center, where she now works as a math grader.