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Nonfiction Books for Your Children

Reading nonfiction books is an important step in preparing children for their future studies. In order to develop into lifelong learners, students will need to be well-versed in understanding nonfiction texts. To help get your family started, we have compiled the following list of books to help you identify some of the nonfiction titles on the Kumon Recommended Reading List.

This is a perfect book for helping young children learn about the sounds that animals on a farm make with the added benefit of practicing rhyming.

The rhyming text and bold illustrations in this book invite young children to learn the parts of the body.

This story explores a wide spectrum of families; nuclear, traditional, adoptive, and divorced households are represented in a lucid, contemporary style.

This creative book takes Ms. Fritz class on a fieldtrip through the Earth’s crust, into the center of the Earth and out through a volcano. Although the story itself is fictional, this is a great resource for teaching your children all about the Earth’s core.

Based on the author’s account of her family’s immigration to America, this story will resonate with any child who has moved away from a familiar neighborhood.

This book is perfect to read aloud with your children and celebrate the insect world, from the short life of the mayfly to the vibrant pule of the cicadas.

This Newbery Honor-winning memoir details Fritz’s experience growing up in China during the 1920s as she tries to discover where she belongs.

This captivating biography details the enchanting and magical life of the Great Houdini.

This remarkable diary has become a world classic and a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit.

This heart-warming story of a remarkable woman’s dedication to learning will be sure to inspire your children.

This story chronicles the boundless courage of a child and her spirited family’s attempt to overcome discrimination while detained in California’s Manzanar internment camp.