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Nurturing Self-Learning through the Kumon Program

Young Boy with Instructor

The Kumon Method aims to develop students’ academic ability in order for them to be more independent and cultivate the spirit of self-learning. Self-learning is the ability to study new concepts without being taught and continuing to advance independently.

The Kumon Worksheets are designed to facilitate self-learning by introducing new content through example problems and guided exercises. After reviewing the worksheet’s examples, the students use their previously acquired knowledge and apply the knowledge gained from those examples in order to complete each of the worksheet’s problems. Students study how to learn and solve problems independently.

Kumon Instructors provide specific guidance on how to use the worksheets to self-learn. Students develop the skills and mindset for self-learning through the process of solving problems in the worksheets and gaining the experience of advancing beyond their school grade level.

Remember, the goal is to provide them with just enough support so they can study the worksheets independently. However, children will occasionally find self-study challenging and will need a little extra help to stay on track.

Here are two simple tips to help encourage your children to self-learn at home:

  1. When children ask a question about a specific exercise, first encourage them to reread the question and/or the reading selection. By doing this, children often discover the answers to their questions.
  2. If you find your children struggling on a certain level, set up a time to meet with your Kumon Instructor. The best way to see positive results for your children is to provide feedback and open communication with your instructor.

One key goal of Kumon is to train each student how to learn. With Kumon, you can help your children become self-motivated self-learners who are able to figure out and solve problems that they have never faced before.