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On-the-Go Activities To Do When You Are Traveling This Summer

According to a study released by AAA, more than thirty million Americans plan to drive to their vacation destinations this summer. The average distance of travel for these families is expected to be 642 miles, or an average travel time of nearly twelve hours. If your family is planning to hit the road this Memorial Day Weekend or anytime this summer, try these fun activities to help your children pass the time, while practicing their math and reading skills.

  • Kumon Folios

Create an activity folio to carry your children’s Kumon Worksheets wherever your family goes this summer. You’ll need recycled cereal boxes, clear document sleeves, buttons, and construction paper or cardstock. Holly Ramer from Stich Craft Creations has the instructions for creating a travel folios that can help keep your children organized all summer long.

  • DIY String Puzzle

Cindy Hopper from Skip to My Lou has an excellent puzzle craft for children that make a perfect game on road trips. Using a light switch plate, string, beads, rings, and some paint, she created a challenging game that will be sure to stump your children for hours.

  • Map Out the Road Trip

Before setting off on your long family road trip, have your children locate your starting point, your destination, and the route that your family will be taking. Help them identify key landmarks, roads, and attractions along the route. For older children, ask them to calculate  the distance of the trip and the approximate time it would take to reach your destination. Once your family hits the road, invite your children to watch for landmarks, keep track of distances, and tell you how many miles have passed.

  • Stick ‘em

Try playing this fun activity with your family on a plane or train this summer. Start by writing alphabet letters on small sticky notes, and stick ‘em to the back of the seat in front of your child. Then call out a letter and challenge them to pull off the correct sticky note. Depending on your children’s ages, you can modify this activity to include math facts and words.

  • Postcard Kit

Have your children create a postcard kit to help your children remember your family vacation this summer. Your children will be able to preserve the memory of their summer vacation, as well as practice their writing skills. Check out Apartment Therapy’s instructions on creating your children’s postcard kits to help get you started.

What games and activities does your family enjoy playing while traveling?