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Overcoming Academic Challenges: How Kumon Helped Two Students Excel

“It is our wish that as many children as possible have the opportunity to develop their potential. We want to see all children grow to the limit of their capabilities.” – Toru Kumon

When Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Program in 1952, one of his principle goals was to make sure all children had the opportunity to succeed regardless of their abilities. For the past sixty years, the Kumon Program has helped children from around the world reach their potential. Below are two stories detailing how the Kumon Program helped these students excel academically.

Before Meghan started the Kumon Program, her mother recalls that Megan was struggling in school and had difficulty remembering basic math facts. “She was developmentally about a year behind everyone else. She was just going into second grade, and she had to think really hard about problems like 2 + 1,” said Mary Beth, Meghan’s mom. “At the beginning of each school year, I always worried and wondered if Meghan was going to do alright this year,” she continued.

When Meghan started second grade, her mother decided to enroll her in the Kumon Program. Gradually, over the next year, Mary Beth saw improvements as Meghan progressed through the Kumon Math Program. “By doing the worksheets every day, Meghan improved. There were periods when it was a real struggle, but then she would break through and get it,” Mary Beth said. Meghan continued to improve academically with help from Kumon, but it wasn’t until Meghan entered the third grade that Mary Beth fully realized how much Kumon had helped her daughter.

“One day Meghan came home and didn’t say anything right away. It was about 6 o’clock, and she had been home for three hours when she – as casual as can be – said ‘Oh, I have a surprise, Mom.’ Then she takes out this certificate from her backpack that says ‘Math Facts Whiz Child.’ I was amazed. Earlier that day, her teacher awarded her with the certificate after she received 100% on a Math facts test. She was the only one in the whole class who completed them all,” Mary Beth said. “She’s only been in Kumon for about a year and already understands that Kumon has given her an edge.”

The Kumon Program is designed to help children achieve success, regardless of their abilities. Karen, from Tulsa, OK, shares how the Kumon Program helped her son who has Down’s syndrome.

“My oldest son was born with Down’s syndrome. When I first heard about Kumon, I was skeptical but there were a few ideas in the Kumon philosophy that I liked, such as how the Kumon Program is designed for all children no matter what level they are at and the importance that Kumon places on learning in small steps,” Karen said.

Before starting Kumon, her son was able to count to 10, a skill that he had been working on since kindergarten. After being enrolled in the Kumon Program for a few weeks, Karen saw her son make considerable achievements. “In just a few weeks, he was able to count to 30. For him, it was a major accomplishment. He basically tripled his knowledge of math,” Karen said.

Her son continues to progress every day. “Kumon is not only teaching him math skills, but it helps him build his fine motor skills and study independently,” said Karen. “He loves Kumon because he feels like he has accomplished something when he completes his Kumon Worksheets. What better gift to give a child of any ability level than the sense of pride and accomplishment?”