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Overcoming Challenges through Confidence

One of the most important benefits of the Kumon Program is the effect that it can have on a student’s confidence and self-esteem. Many parents notice a significant difference in their child’s behavior after enrolling in the Kumon Program. Students who disliked math because of previous struggles may now enjoy tackling and solving difficult mathematical equations. Meanwhile, a former reluctant reader may gradually develop a lasting love of literature, one that could last well in into adulthood. In both instances, the reason for the changes in each child’s behavior is clear – the Kumon Method helps build each student’s confidence and instills a love of learning.

Rachel, a former Kumon Student from Columbia, MD, shares how Kumon gives her the confidence to overcome obstacles.

“Kumon has inspired me so much throughout the years. The Kumon Program has given me the confidence I didn’t have before. As a result of the confidence I have gained and the skills I have learned in Kumon, I bravely decided to enter a poetry contest. To my surprise and joy, I won a trophy and a medal, and my poem was selected as the most creative poem by the editor. My family and I were invited to attend a large banquet in Washington, D.C. with Neil Diamond and other performers. I got to read my poem, which helped me to put my other fear of stage fright aside. All in all, these events made me feel very proud and happy. I wish that every student could have the opportunities that I have had going to Kumon because I know how it has really helped me. I am very grateful for all the help and guidance I have received, and I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to be a Kumon student.”

Rachel is certainly not the only student whose confidence increased after enrolling the Kumon Program. Nina, a former Kumon Student from Houston, TX, had a similar experience. She began her Kumon journey as a finger-counting third grader starting at Level 2A, but she quickly accelerated to Level G in only four months. By the time she reached sixth grade three years later, she had become so confident in her math ability, she joined the math competition program offered at her middle school. It was clear how much the Kumon Program not only helped her develop strong math skills, but also gave her the confidence to succeed at her extracurricular activities. When asked about her experience, Nina said, “The problems that my math coach assigned were supposed to be new for us, but I was the first one to find the answer for each question.”

Nina completed the Kumon Math Program at the age of 12 and hopes to one day become an astrophysicist for NASA. Sue McLean, Nina’s Kumon Instructor, said, “Nina has been a joy, one of the most exceptional students I have worked with. She truly has a passion for math.”

Soorajnath, a Kumon Completer from Edmond, OK, used the confidence he built from the Kumon Program to help him overcome obstacles. As a seventh grader, he helped his academic team win the state championship by achieving the highest score.

“Sometimes it can be very hard work, but the confidence I gain from Kumon applies in other areas of my life. I don’t get jitters before tests, academic team tournaments, or piano performances,” Soorajnath explained when asked how Kumon Program helped him to build confidence. His father, Balasubramaniayn continued, “As a result of the Kumon Program, my son has gained the focus and confidence to take on new challenges.”

The Kumon Program helps empower these students to use their knowledge and confidence to exceed expectations. It is no surprise that confidence can help achieve success, but with the confidence gained through the Kumon Program, these students are able to maximize their potential beyond their greatest expectations.