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Summertime Reading is Easy!

School is out for summer. Learning is not. Reading, the most fundamental and important of studies, is so often overlooked during the summer break. By the time fifth grade rolls around, some students have fallen behind up to two years in reading comprehension.  Reading takes practice and consistency. Here are some approaches on how to […]

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The Power of Praise: How Praise Builds Confident Students

The role of praise in a child’s development is often culturally driven and can be controversial. Does frequent praise help or hinder a child’s development? Exploring both sides of the “praise debate” is important to finding a balance that works for your child. You might also be interested in: Is There a Connection Between Praise […]

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Making a Smooth Move to Middle School

Making the transition from elementary school to middle school comes with a lot of change to your child’s life. He or she will have several teachers instead of just one, a locker instead of a desk and new peers. This transition marks a pivotal moment in a child’s life, which can cause stress and anxiety […]

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Stress Busting Tips for Children

Stress is a subject typically thought of for adults; however, children too can become stressed about the important things in their lives. According to a KidsHealth® KidsPoll, 36 percent of children listed grades, school and homework as the lead causes of stress in their lives. Without coping strategies to healthily manage stress and anxiety, children […]

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You – Your Child’s No. 1 Teacher

Education does not begin and end when the child passes through the classroom door. Healthy study habits are formed and reinforced at home with parents at the helm. An active and engaged parent is a teacher’s greatest ally for student development. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, in addition to celebrating educators, we also want […]

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