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taking test
The SAT, Redesigned
Created by the College Board, the SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.
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Keshav, 16: Patricia Tse, Instructor
“Love all, serve all” is the guiding principle that led Keshav towards community service at the young age of 12.
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Casey Valedictorian
One Student’s Journey from Kumon to Top University
When aiming to be accepted into an elite business school, you need more than excellent academic grades to help you
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prevent summer slide
How does Kumon help prepare students to become successful standardized test-takers?
To be successful on standardized tests, students must possess effective test-taking strategies. Through long-term study, Kumon students build a strong
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Elementary kids outside
Booklist to Celebrate Chinese Culture
Taken from the Kumon Recommended Reading List, this collection of books possesses strong literary merit and provides its readers with
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Kumon pouches
Why is Dual Enrollment in Kumon Math and Reading Important?
Being enrolled in both the Kumon Math and Reading programs is necessary to develop the whole child. The Kumon Math
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How Kumon Helps
How Kumon Can Help a Good Reader Become a Good Writer
With the widespread use of shorthand communication as a result of emerging technologies and society’s reliance on spelling and grammar
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lifelong learners
Lifelong Learning with Kumon
Lifelong learning is a mindset of continuous engagement in acquiring knowledge and applying skills. A lifelong learner is someone who
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