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Elementary kids outside
Kumon Staff Pick: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
RRL Title: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor Readers between 5th and 8th grade   Why
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Girl reading outside
Four Easy Ways to Make Summer Break Fun and Educational
Playgrounds may not be the only place your kids experience a “slide” this summer. While a break from the mental
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Shreya, Age 9; Jenny Valdecanas, Instructor
When you see the results of your effort, the practice and time taken to get there makes it all worthwhile.
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Common Core and School Math
The goal of the Common Core State Standards is to ensure that students will be college- and career-ready in their
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Pranav, age 13; Haruyo Tanaka, Instructor
When Kumon Instructor Haruyo Tanaka first met a then four year old Pranav, she had no idea that by age
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Maritza with student
What is the Kumon Method?
The Kumon Method instills in students the skills and mindset for learning new materials without being directly taught. The Kumon
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school readiness
What are the School Readiness Skills that Preschoolers Learn in Kumon?
Kindergarten marks a big transition in the lives of children. By the time they start school, many children already display
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Award Winning Student Conquers All Challenges
Tell this young lady that she can’t do something and watch what happens. Teased by some of her classmates that girls
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Floating Books
Kumon Staff Pick: Clown by Quentin Blake
RRL Title: Clown written and illustrated by Quentin Blake Grade/Kumon Level of Book: Pre-reader/RRL 6A-2   Why do you personally
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