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Praksitha headshot
This Young Kumon Student Learned To Love New Challenges in Math
Praksitha’s love for math and general tenacity has helped her get ahead both in-and-out of the classroom. Already setting the goal to one day become a pathologist, she is
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Harita hiking the Skagway Glacier in Alaska
Kumon Program Completer Earns Perfect SAT Math Score as a 7th Grader
Harita, 14, a Math and Reading Program Completer, hiking the Skagway Glacier in Alaska At 14 years old, Harita loves
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Christine headshot
Motivation is the Key to this Kumon Student’s Success
Christine, 14-years-old, Level O Math, Reading Program Completer  Christine’s parents enrolled her in Kumon when she was just three years old. Now,
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Rachel smiling at a Kumon Center
How One Student Learned to Love the Kumon Program
Meet Rachel. The bubbly 11-year-old enjoys riding her bike with friends and practicing martial arts. Like many fifth graders, Rachel
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Alan headshot
Motivated by his Peers, this Kumon Student Wants to be an Architect and a Doctor
Alan, 10-years-old, Level J Math and Level I Reading  There are many things that keep Alan motivated. He has short
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Kailaash smiling photo
This Student Learned the Power of a Routine with Kumon
Soccer practice at 3p.m., violin lessons at 4:30p.m., Spanish class at 6p.m. Does this schedule seem familiar? Children today have
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Rin Anderson headshot
Her Musical Performances Transform Audiences, but Her Academic Abilities Will Change the World
Rin, 12-years-old, Level L Math  At just 12-years-old, Rin is wise beyond her years. She’s not only gifted in the classroom,
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Reyshum and Naveen with paint on their hands
How These Sisters’ Constrasting Perspectives Have Led to Success in Kumon
Sisters Reyshum and Naveen are complete opposites. Reyshum prefers long hair, but Naveen keeps hers short. Reyshum enjoys the challenge of
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Isaac Headshot
This 14-Year-Old Has a Dream of Working in the National Hockey League
Isaac, 14-years-old, Level M Math  Isaac loves watching sports. One of his favorite things to do is watch his beloved Montreal Canadiens on
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