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Child and mom going to first day of school
6 Easy Ways to Ace the School Year
Making the transition from summer vacation mode to a classroom-ready mindset isn’t always easy. Beyond the excitement of new clothes,
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Sophie sitting
This Accomplished Pianist Has an International Journey with Kumon
Sophie, 11-years-old, Level J Math Meet Sophie, she’s a second generation Kumon Student. Sophie’s father grew-up in Tokyo and was
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With a Passion for Astronomy, this Kumon Student Wants to Become an Astrophysicist
Ahmed, 13-years-old, Level L Math, Reading Program Completer Not many 13-year-olds have the maturity to know what they want to
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Sophia completing math work
Inspiring a Love of Math in Your Children
“When am I ever going to use math?” Have you ever heard these words from your children? Struggling students or even children with minimal
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Giveaway Alert
Giveaway Alert
Kumon North America is a proud sponsor of the PBS Kids animated series Ready Jet Go! Enter for a chance
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Mom reading to her son
Spark a Love for Literature with These Read-Aloud Tips
From a young child’s first time hearing a story to a teen’s escape into the pages of an intriguing novel, reading and being
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Atharv sitting in a chair
A Beacon of Positivity: How Kumon Developed this Student’s Focus and Patience
Like many 11-year-olds, Atharv maintains a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. He’s a competitive swimmer, takes guitar lessons, holds purple belt status in
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Children coloring with their mother
4 Ideas to Make a Rainy Day Fun
When thinking of summer fun, we typically imagine outdoor activities like swimming in the pool or playing at the park.
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Girl Reading on the Couch
Summer – the time of year your children have been waiting for! As they soak up the sunshine, help them
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