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What To Do When Your Child Isn’t Being Challenged By School Work

There are bound to be moments throughout the school year when your child lacks the motivation to get work done. On the other hand, there are also instances in which children are excelling in school, resulting in a lack of motivation to stay engaged.


5 Summer Camp Alternatives to Try This Summer [Infographic]

Summer is a great time to incorporate learning and fun. We have put together a list of fun summer camp alternatives to consider adding to your child’s daily summer routine. From joining a robotics/STEM or chess club, to volunteering and enrolling in Kumon, your child can have a productive summer


6 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd in which people all around the world raise awareness on how to make a positive difference in the environment and preserve our planet. While we are continuing to learn new things about Earth, there are effective methods we can all take to care for the planet


Four Easy Ways to Make Summer Break Fun and Educational

For kids, the highly anticipated summer months isa time where
they can finally put down the books and pencils as another school year closes
out. While this break may seem well-deserved, ongoing research indicates that
most students can lose up to two to three months of critical math and reading