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5 Ways to Finish The School Year Off Strong

With each day growing warmer and spring beginning
to bloom, it’s no surprise that children are eager for the summer months to
arrive as the end of the school year inches closer. You may notice your child daydreaming
out the window during homework time wishing they can play outside, or

Girl with purple shirt standing with Kumon Worksheet having a 100 on it

4 Skills Your Child Will Develop in Kumon to Succeed In and Out of the Classroom

Let’s be honest. Parents are always looking at different options
before deciding which is best for their children. Right now, you may be considering
enrolling your kids in Kumon. Perhaps they need a little extra help in reading,
or you want to get them ahead in math. One of the


Motivate Your Child Through Goal Setting

As a parent, it’s important to always encourage your
children to always try their best and to strive for more. One of the ways you
can help to foster this motivation is through goal setting. By starting to set
goals at an early age with children, it not only builds


How A Preschool Worksheet-Based Program Can Set Your Child Up For Success

Each child develops at their own pace as they begin to absorb
and understand information. That’s why using an individualized learning
approach early on can help set a child up for success. One of the best programs
to use is one that begins instruction with daily preschool worksheets.