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Dicover simple ways you can help your children succeed.

Kumon At Home: A Parent’s Guide for Implementing the Proper Study Approach [Infographic]

Developing the proper study approach is essential for your child to build focus, concentration, and efficiency.

Check out our “Parent’s Guide for Implementing the Proper Study Approach” Infographic below for best practices when establishing a working study strategy.

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Developing A Reward System At Home

Implementing a reward system at home can keep your child determined and fulfilled. Whether it’s for doing chores, finishing at-home learning activities, or completing a Kumon Level, recognizing your child’s success plays a big role in their enthusiasm and motivation.

Maintaining a reward system is

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At Home Learning Activities

Engaging your
child at home academically can be challenging. The key to successful results is
developing a strategy and planning activities ahead of time. Take some time to
organize what these materials will consist of and how you will reward your
child while they’re learning at home.

Kumon At Home Implementing a Routine Best Practices

Kumon At Home: A Parent’s Guide for Properly Implementing a Kumon Routine [Infographic]

Kumon at home can be quite challenging for young children (and their parents) in the first few months after enrolling in the program. Time is spent establishing a routine, developing proper study habits and creating lasting motivation.  With a goal of creating a strong foundation from Day 1, parent involvement and support at