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How to Create a Vision Board with your Children for the New Year [Infographic]

The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to
discuss the importance of goal setting with your child. Reviewing topics such
as planning, inspiration, and time management will help them set reasonable
objectives for the new year.

An interesting way to

A other and daughter sit in front of a fireplace wearing matching white sweaters and reading

Fun and Easy Tips to Keep Kids Learning during the Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, children are looking forward to family celebrations, sleigh rides, and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. While the break from school is well-deserved, it’s important to keep children learning and engaged during this time.

Here’s how you can make the holiday season both educational and memorable:

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Mistakes Make the Student


You realize your mistake as soon as you hit send. The funny cat video you meant to forward to your friend was just emailed to the entire company, CEO and all.

We’ve all made the “reply all” mistake.  But chances are, you never did the same thing again. This is because making mistakes

An apple and ruler lay over a report card

Making the Grade

The school year is now in full swing, and the balance of soccer practice, homework, and piano lessons is becoming routine for both you and your children. As report cards begin to roll out, it is a great time to see if your children are on track for the school year and making progress across