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Why Timing and Accuracy are Important in Your Child’s Studies

What is

Timing is defined as the period or point in time that
something occurs. When we talk about academics, it is the time it takes to
complete an assignment. At Kumon, time plays an important role in your child’s
progress. Kumon

A girl raises her hands in celebration as she looks at her computer where it shows she has passed a test

Maintaining Momentum in School

As the second half of the school year begins, it’s a great time to evaluate where your children are with their learning. With so many disruptions over the past year, they may not be where you expected, and that’s okay. Set some goals with your child and prepare for better months ahead.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Goals With Your Child For The New Year

A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Goals With Your Child For The New Year

January is a time when resolutions and goals are a trending topic for many — even for kids! Many kids have dreams and ideas on what they want to accomplish, but it can be hard to remember with so many other activities going on. That’s why creating a goals list with your child is

A young boy sits at a computer for remote learning

Remote Learning Tips for Parents and Students

This has been a challenging time for parents and children
alike. With many schools returning to remote learning, the struggle to keep
kids engaged and advancing continues. As parents, you’re tasked with helping
them through these tough times. To help, we’ve put together some
suggestions to guide you and your children through the unique