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Music Can Help with Time Management and More!

Music is universally appreciated by all children across the globe, and it’s common for children to take an interest in learning a musical instrument because of their creativity and natural desire to learn. There are many large-scale benefits to be cultivated through music lessons.


Help Ease Test Anxiety

It’s Wednesday morning and your child has a big test at school today. Even before getting to school, you may notice that your child is experiencing a stomachache, sweaty palms, or even a headache. These are just some of the tell-tale signs that they are suffering from test anxiety. When students experience this type


4 Indoor Home Learning Activities to Engage Your Child

After being stuck at home for the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, no child is a stranger to at-home activities. But because of this, finding new ways to engage your child academically at home is more challenging than ever. With the cold weather approaching us, it’s important to have these


A Consistent Learning Routine Can Curb Procrastination

You’re sitting in front of your computer or on your phone right now. Is there something else you should probably be doing? Procrastination. This is a struggle many people experience because there are endless distractions in life. Children discover this pretty early in life and that can cause problems when