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Soar Past the Summer Slide with Kumon’s Summer Learning Roundup

Summer is upon us! But along with the warmer weather, trips to the pool and family vacations comes a not-so-fun reality—the summer slide. At Kumon, we believe in the importance of year-round study and have been proving its benefits for 60 years now.

Summer is a break from school, but it shouldn’t be a

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Better Grades are Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away

We typically think of running, jumping, and skipping as activities that should be confined to the school gym or playground. But did you know that they might be the key to your kids’ success in social studies or science class? Numerous studies have shown a link between physical activity and improved cognitive ability – both

Colorful Playground with a summer slide

What Could Your Kids Gain (or Lose) This Summer?

For most kids, the end of the school year evokes images of sun-filled days at the pool, adventurous family vacations, no alarm clocks and extended bedtimes.

However, water parks and playgrounds may not be the only places your children experience a “slide” this summer. Whether you call it the “summer slide” or “brain drain,” children often fall behind without any

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Neuro-what? Why Neuroplasticity Is the Key to Making Your Smart Kid Even Smarter.

What is neuroplasticity?
Many of us can still remember hearing, “Don’t hold your breath until your face turns red! You’ll kill your brain cells and they’ll never grow back!” Growing up we knew our parents’ wisdom should typically be trusted, and you probably shouldn’t hold your breath until your face turns red. But as it