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5 Easy Tips to Prepare for Standardized Testing Season

Help your child become a confident and prepared test-taker.
For most around the country, the month of March kicks-off standardized testing season and that can leave parents feeling overwhelmed. Whether you have a grade schooler preparing for the state’s standardized test or a high schooler preparing for the SAT, testing can be stressful for


4 Simple Tips for Setting Goals with Your Child in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults! Help your child kick off the New Year right with these easy tips.
January is the perfect time for a fresh start. Have you discussed with your child what his goals are for the New Year? Allow him to set his own goals, so he can truly experience


Guest Tips: How to Make Your Sleep Routine Smarter for Your Child

The following post was written by Alanna McGinn, Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant and Founder of Good Night Sleep Site – a Global Pediatric and Family Sleep Team.
During the school year, heading to bed at a decent time and getting a good night’s sleep is important for children. A well-rested child will display better cognitive ability,


Motivating Children by Developing a Growth Mindset

“Motivation is the most important factor in determining whether you succeed in the long run. What I mean by motivation is not only the desire to achieve, but also the love of learning, the love of challenge, and the ability to thrive on obstacles. These are the greatest gifts we can give our students.” – Carol