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Parents Ask, Kumon Answers Your Questions about the Kumon Program

For more than 50 years, the Kumon Program has helped students from around the world achieve lasting success. From counting to calculus and from fairy tales to Shakespeare, the Kumon Program equips students with the skills to tackle future endeavors as they strive to achieve their goals.  If you are new to the Kumon Program or are interested in learning more, here we answer frequently asked questions about the Kumon Program.

What happens in a Kumon Learning Center?

Every day, students from around the world arrive at their local Kumon Center to develop essential math and reading abilities. Founded by a parent who wanted to prepare his son for success, the Kumon Program has now helped millions of children worldwide through a step-by-step curriculum, with instruction individualized for each student’s specific needs and abilities. Twice a week, students spend 30 minutes (per subject) working on math and/or reading assignments at their local Kumon Center. Once assignments are completed, they are handed in to the center’s staff to be graded. Students then correct any problems marked incorrect until they achieve 100%. Successfully completing an assignment brings a sense of achievement that empowers Kumon students to take on the next one. When finished for the day, students leave the center with assignments to be completed at home. For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your child, we invite you to read “Understanding the Kumon Program.”

What makes the Kumon Program different from tutoring?

The Kumon Program is an academic enrichment program designed to help children of all ages and abilities become eager, confident self-learners. Tutoring is a short-term solution dependent on someone explaining and teaching concepts to those seeking assistance. Unlike tutoring, Kumon helps students develop skills needed to study independently and advance beyond their grade level, with the guidance of the Kumon Instructor. Through this development of self-sufficiency, Kumon Students become confident and motivated with each completed assignment.

Does Kumon have an incentive program for children?

Earlier this year, we launched kumon+, a new loyalty program that rewards students for investing time in their development through the Kumon Program.  As students progress through the program gaining valuable skills along the way, points are earned each month. As they accumulate, points can be exchanged for exciting rewards. To find out how to enroll your child in the Kumon Program, visit

How much does Kumon cost?

Kumon Centers are individually owned and operated. As such, tuition for the Kumon Math and Reading Program can vary from region to region. We recommend locating the nearest Kumon Center in your area and contacting the Instructor for pricing information.

How many Kumon centers are there? Is there one near me? 

The Kumon Program is the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. Today, there are Kumon Centers in 48 countries and regions across six continents. In the U.S. and Canada there are over 1,500 Kumon Centers. To locate a Kumon Center near you, we recommend using the Find a Center feature on