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Persevering To Reach ASHR in Kumon

The Kumon program believes that every child has the potential to succeed.  ASHR is Kumon’s Advanced Student Honor Roll which acknowledges students currently working on Kumon assignments that are above their current grade level. We aim for all students to study at advanced levels. At this level of achievement, students begin to realize they are capable of accomplishing more than they ever imagined. These are often the same students we see taking the initiative to study advanced placement courses and enjoying their learning experience.

Rarely do students enter a classroom with identical learning abilities.  Your Kumon Instructor has developed an individualized lesson plan for your child. This allows your child to progress through the program at his or her own pace, achieving success at any age or grade level. As Kumon students work towards advanced learning material, they steadily build a solid grasp of math and reading, developing confidence along the way.

Although achieving success in not always easy, many noteworthy people persevered through challenges and accomplished great things.  For example, Albert Einstein had a learning disability and became one of our greatest scientists.  Eventually, we are all faced with tough challenges and have the choice to either work our way through them or give up. When we persevere through our challenges, we learn that the biggest obstacle originates in the mind, not in the ability.

Perseverance leads to success. As students progress through the Kumon program they discover their true ability. Watch as your child begins to achieve more than he or she ever thought possible!