Porter, Age 3; Leslie Tan, Instructor - Kumon

Porter, Age 3; Leslie Tan, Instructor

Preschoolers are in a precious time of life when the brain is developing and growing by leaps and bounds. Parents often find this to be the best time to prepare their children with the pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills that will help them when they start school.


Rebecca and Chris Matchett had this in mind when they enrolled their 3-year-old son, Porter, in the Kumon Program. Porter began his Kumon journey completing short assignments in the early levels of the reading program and in Level Z. The reading program gives preschoolers the pre-reading skills necessary to becoming emergent readers. Students begin to connect words to familiar objects and repeat words starting with the same sound. Level Z helps students develop pencil skills.


Like many children his age, Porter enrolled in Kumon before he knew his numbers and letters or how to write properly with a pencil. Within just two months, however, his parents began to notice an improvement. “He gets excited when he recognizes pictures he’s seen in his Kumon exercises,” says his mom Rebecca. “His pencil holding and ability to apply more pressure when he writes has improved, along with his tracing.”


Porter’s individualized lesson plans allow him to progress at his own pace. “Kumon gives him the time he may not have received in school to fully grasp what he’s learning,” Rebecca says. Even before enrolling Porter, the Matchetts knew first-hand how effective this approach to learning could be. Their 6-year-old daughter, Annabelle, was also enrolled in Kumon while she was in preschool. While studying both math and reading in Kumon, Annabelle surpassed her own grade level, reaching Kumon’s Advanced Student Honor Roll. As a kindergartener she read at a second-grade level. Today, she often volunteers to read to her entire class in school.


The Matchetts’ youngest child, who is two years old, is next in line to begin her Kumon journey. They plan to enroll her once she reaches preschool age. As Porter progresses through the Kumon Program, his parents look forward to his confidence soaring like his big sister’s, as he develops skills that will help him succeed inside and outside of the classroom.