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Practice Makes Achievements Challenge

The practice makes achievements challenge is an exciting activity for all currently enrolled Kumon Students to participate in from June 15th to July 9th!  


Activity Board


The practice makes achievements challenge begins with an activity board that includes a variety of fun activities for children to complete and earn points.


Each student who earns a minimum of 50 points and returns the Activity Board to their center by July 9th will receive:


 Snap a photo and share your entry on social media as you complete your activities on the board. Use #practicemakesachievementschallange to join in on the fun. If you do this, you’ll potentially have your photo be shared on the Kumon North America social media pages.  


Kumon North America’s 2022 Virtual Student Conference


Additionally, one student from each Kumon Center across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica will be selected to attend the 2022 Virtual Student Conference!

The student must meet the following criteria:  

  1. Score 50+ points on the activity board. 
  2.  Attain ASHR 1 or above in Math or Reading by May 2022. 
  3.  Submit the Student Conference Application Form by July 9th. 

Be sure to pick up all the necessary practice makes achievements challenge materials from your local Kumon Center.

Check out the Kumon North America social media pages. You can be active throughout the challenge by joining in on the conversation with others!