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Practicing Math Outside of School

Your family uses math every single day. Perhaps it’s in the morning when measuring pancake mix or in the evening when counting the number of forks to set the table for dinner. So, why limit your children’s math practice to inside the classroom? By allowing your children to learn and study their math facts at home, you are providing them with an additional opportunity to learn, practice, and understand problems that may come up in the classroom.

Through the Kumon Math Program, for example, you can introduce your children to math topics before they study them in the classroom, thereby giving your children an academic edge in their coursework. In fact, many of our students love being above grade level in math. Daniel, a fourth grade Kumon Student from Colorado said, “I am most proud of the fact that I am doing fractions when my class is still doing multiplication.”

The extra math practice that Kumon provides will also help to reinforce previous topics, while introducing new ones.  Practice inside and outside of the classroom can lead to a mastery of topics from addition and subtraction to algebra and calculus.

Outside of Kumon, you can help your children practice math through everyday tasks such as shopping, baking, and reading the time. When you are at the grocery store, for example, ask your children to help figure  out the price of two boxes of their favorite cereal or the price difference between two brands of milk. Not only can these activities help reinforce math practice outside of the classroom, but they can also build your children’s confidence and help them realize how much math is used in everyday situations.

In addition, when playing fun games and activities like Scrabble and Monopoly, you can encourage your children to give their math skills a boost. Monopoly, for example, is an excellent opportunity for your children to practice budget management and probability calculations. Scrabble helps them practice basic arithmetic as well as multiplication. These games, and others (like Yahtzee and Tangram), can help your children practice their math facts while having fun at the same time.

What are some additional ways you and your children practice math outside of the classroom?