Pranav, 8: Instructor, Raj Honnaya - Kumon

Pranav, 8: Instructor, Raj Honnaya

May 22, 2012 ~

Pranav, a second grade student enrolled at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Trumbull, CT, enjoys putting the critical thinking and problem solving skills he’s gained in Kumon to the test.  He recently competed against 2,840 of his peers in the 2012 Noetic Learning Math Contest, and was named to the National Honor Roll for scoring in the top 10% of his grade level.

The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a biannual math challenge for elementary students, where the goal is to increase students’ interest in math and inspire them to excel, much like in Kumon. Pranav was given 45 minutes to solve 20 problems covering a range of academic skills, including: computation, number properties, patterns, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics.  In addition to an excellent grasp of the math concepts covered, Pranav needed a great deal of focus to score as well as he did, which he feels he’s developed in Kumon.
Pranav’s parents first enrolled his sister, Geethika, in Kumon to develop academic excellence, and later enrolled Pranav in the math program with the same goal.  They quickly noticed that beyond excelling in their academics, both children became more focused and had a much higher level of concentration.
Pranav’s instructor, Raj Honnaya, has also seen him grow with the program, saying, “Pranav is a very conscientious child and very diligent with his Kumon work. These are some of the skills that are essential when participating in national competitions. He also has a good support system at home with his older sister and supportive encouraging parents, Reshmi and AnilKumar.”
While Pranav’s parents hope that he and his sister be successful and find happiness in whatever they do, he is dreaming of becoming a doctor or a veterinarian, for now!