Pranav, age 13; Haruyo Tanaka, Instructor - Student Resources

Pranav, age 13; Haruyo Tanaka, Instructor


When Kumon Instructor Haruyo Tanaka first met a then four year old Pranav, she had no idea that by age nine he would become one of the youngest people in the world to pass the Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist exam or that he’d be taking calculus at Moorpark College by age 11. With nearly eight years of Kumon study under his belt, Pranav is just getting started.


With a strong student-parent-instructor relationship at Kumon in place, Pranav has completed the Kumon Math curriculum and is working on completing the Kumon Reading Program. When he’s not honing his tech skills or tackling college level coursework, Pranav likes to unwind by cultivating his family garden and playing Pokeman video games with his sister.


Pranav is anxious to complete college and has set his sights on beginning graduate school by age 18.  Drawn to the sciences and fascinated by the wonders of the universe, Pranav wants to be on the cutting edge of scientific discoveries. “In science there’s many things yet to discover and many unknowns. I want to make a scientific discovery so it can help the progress of science,” says Pranav.


It is an understatement to describe Pranav as a determined young man. His drive and tenacity to be at his best is an inspiration to youngsters and adults alike. Click here to meet Pranav as he talks about his Kumon experience.