Praveer, 10; Debbie Siegel, Instructor - Kumon

Praveer, 10; Debbie Siegel, Instructor

Praveer Sharan always liked math. While in the first grade, his parents enrolled him at their local Kumon Math & Reading Center in Lake Grove, Oregon. He and his Kumon Instructor, Debbie Siegel, set goals and communicated regularly about his progress. After three years as a Kumon Student, he has finished the math program.  He has completed Level O, which covers solving differential equations and he is now working six years above grade level.

“Praveer is a super-focused boy with the idea that he can do anything and has the work ethic to prove it,” says Mrs. Siegel. “He is one of the youngest completers and has now started work on the Kumon Reading Program.” At age six, Praveer also won both state and national championships in the 2010 U.S. Chess Federation divisions.

“Going to Kumon gave him the opportunity to work at his own pace and complete higher math at a faster pace,” said his mother, Gayathri. “Kumon has something for everybody. We have kids with two different personalities and Kumon worked for both of them. While, his brother needed to focus on accuracy, Praveer needed to be challenged. He was able to test out of several levels of math and be placed in 10th grade math when he began the 4th grade.”

“Kids respond to challenges and want to show everyone they can do it.  Praveer is very independent and has extra self-discipline,” said Mrs. Siegel.

While math is Praveer’s forte, his hobbies also include chess, cello and piano in addition to snowboarding. He plans to invent a renewable energy car and aspires to be a doctor. With his resilience and drive, there’s no doubt Praveer Sharan has the ability to do anything he sets his mind to.