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Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Kumon

Summer learning loss has long been considered a detriment to students’ education. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, summer break can cause students to lose the equivalent of two months of grade-level math skills. The National Summer Learning Association recommends several strategies to mitigate the effects of summer learning loss. One of the most effective methods they found is enrolling children in daily educational programs or activities that are individualized and require parental involvement.


Not only does Kumon have students study daily at a level just right for them, but it also encourages parent involvement in the student’s study at home. In Kumon, students complete worksheets each day, whether they are at the Kumon Center or at home. The built-in repetition in Kumon Worksheets ensures that a new concept is absorbed and retained before students are able to move on to master another.

Continuing the Kumon Program throughout the summer can benefit students of all ages and abilities. Younger students are in a highly formative time of their academic lives. Study skills and work habits are built and reinforced daily with the Kumon Program, preserving a sense of routine even during the summer when school is out. Continuous learning practiced throughout the entire year will also encourage retention of information; this is an ability needed for tests like the SAT and ACT as well.

Daily practice reinforces what is learned so that there is very little forgotten each day. Continuous study through Kumon can help prevent summer learning loss, leading to a more productive summer and successful start to the new school year.