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Program Completion: Seven Days of Kumon

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Program Completion at Kumon is more than just reaching the ultimate level of study. Students who complete the Kumon Program develop self-learning skills that benefit them throughout their school years and beyond.

Below we have shared some resources to help you understand the skills your children will learn at Kumon, and inspirational words from a few of our very own Kumon Program Completers.

Intangible Skills Learned in Kumon

Kumon not only develops a solid foundation in math and reading, it also fosters work and study skills needed to succeed in today’s world. Read more about the intangible skills your child will learn in Kumon.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Here are four ways Kumon can help your child gain the confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Kumon Dual Program Completer Gets Accepted to Every College She Applied To

Evelyn is a proud dual program completer and worked at the Kumon Center she attended while juggling five Advanced Placement classes, electives, and sports activities during her senior year. Discover how Kumon helped her reach this huge achievement.

Kumon Math and Reading Program Completer Writes an Open Letter to Current and Future Kumon Students

With much tribute to her passion for writing and her Kumon journey, Ritu writes an open letter to current and future Kumon Students. Read the full letter.

Dual Program Completer Publishes Children’s Book

Learn how Kumon sparked the confidence Tarun needed to reach his goal of inspiring others through his first published book “The Number Monster.”

Kumon Dual Program Completer Aims to Become An Assistant At Her Local Center

As a recent dual program completer, Nehal is now focused on transitioning into the role of a Center Assistant. She can’t wait to help students reach their maximum potential inside and outside of the classroom. Discover why Kumon means so much to Nehal.

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