Ramon, 14, Patrick, 13 and James,11; Instructor: Ruby Courtland - Kumon

Ramon, 14, Patrick, 13 and James,11; Instructor: Ruby Courtland

Kumon is a family affair. At least for Ramon, 14, Patrick, 13 and James, 11. These three brothers are all enrolled in the math program at Ruby Courtland’s Burbank, Calif. Kumon Center, and have been since 2002.

Ramon, Patrick and James have goals set to not only complete the math program, but to do it before tenth grade to beat the record set by their older sister, Felicia who completed the program in February of 2009. The brothers are well on their way to reaching that goal, currently Ramon is studying level M13; Patrick is on K43 and youngest brother James is not only studying level I177 in math, but also FII in the reading program.

Before enrolling in Kumon, both Ramon and Patrick experienced challenges in time-management of their homework and other activities. The routine of doing Kumon has provided them with stability and confidence which have helped them develop problem-solving skills in academic and social situations. Now, the boys are taking advanced math classes in school and have received high scores on the standardized STAR test.

“Since joining Kumon Ramon, Patrick and James have really blossomed. They have better socialization and time management skills, and math comes so naturally to them now,” said the boy’s mother Angela. “We are really thrilled with their success and look forward to what they will accomplish in the future.”

Not only are each of the brothers studying above grade level but they are winning math competitions. Youngest brother James, now joins older brothers Ramon and Patrick as a one of the top four students in his grade to compete in the district wide Math Field Day. Recently, James and his 5th grade teammates won first place in the Algebra Function Category.

The brothers are also glad that they can now quickly finish their homework and spend time on their hobbies. Patrick enjoys playing the piano, violin, guitar and playing video games with friends. Ramon likes hanging out with friends, playing video games and practicing magic, and James enjoys playing the ukulele, making videos and playing computer games.