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Reaching for the Stars with Kumon

Achieving long-term success is an inherent part of the Kumon Program. When Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Program in 1954, it was designed to help all students achieve success. Through this step-by-step learning process, students are able to build all the necessary skills to successfully complete and understand high school and college-level coursework.

As a result, millions of students have developed into confident and independent learners. Although each student’s experience with the Kumon Program is different, students and families committed to the Kumon Program see similar results – they become confident, independent learners with the ability to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Below we highlight how the Kumon Program helped two of those students reach their dreams.


Taking on New Challenges

For many children, the task of learning about multiplication, division and fractions may be a bit daunting. However, students who build a strong foundation in the Kumon Program are more likely to confidently tackle an unfamiliar math task.. Caroline is a perfect example of a confident Kumon Student. At ten years old, Caroline welcomed the challenge of studying algebra, three years above her grade level.  Her Kumon Instructor commends Caroline’s dedication and commitment to the Kumon Program. “Caroline is studying three years above her grade level in math and two years above her grade level in reading. She is passionate and enthusiastic in everything she does,” said her Kumon Instructor.

Caroline’s journey with the Kumon Program began when she was in second grade. Over the years, her participation in the Kumon Program helped propel her to new academic heights. “Caroline’s work in Kumon helps her quickly complete homework. As a result, she is able to spend her time perfecting her skills as a level five gymnast,” explained Caroline’s mom, Lauren.

Overall, Caroline’s efforts in the Kumon Program have also improved her ability to work independently and foster her critical thinking skills. When asked about her experience with the Kumon Program, Caroline said, “I like being ahead in my class, and I like that there are a lot of ways to get the answer to a problem.”



Advancing Beyond Grade Level

Caroline is not the only student who has achieved success as a result of the Kumon Program. Ava from Mesa, AZ has achieved similar results with Kumon. “As a third grader, Ava is reading fourth and fifth grade level books, taking fourth grade tests, along with displaying very advanced math skills within her class,” said Ava’s father, Robert. Through the Kumon Program, Ava developed a strong love of learning and a solid academic foundation, as well as the confidence to pursue her dreams of becoming both a dancer and an engineer.

Ava’s success as a Kumon Student encouraged her parents to enroll Ava’s sister, Amber, in the program as well. After five months, Amber is beginning to show signs of similar success. “Amber is already showing an aptitude for reading and is a new little reader in the house, which will provide her a great start for Kindergarten next fall,” said Robert.