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Learn how your child can improve their reading skills by using these simple and useful tips.

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Ask the Expert: How Books Can Treat Growing Pains

Being a child is sometimes tough. As children develop emotionally, they sometimes face conflicts that we, as adults, have long forgotten. Overcoming insecurities, abandoning fears, and learning how to interact with peers often present challenges that children have a difficult time verbalizing and coping with on their own. Books can often be invaluable in assisting

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Reading Aloud Tips to Spark a Love for Literature

Everyone could use some reading aloud tips. From a young child’s first time hearing a story to a teen’s escape into the pages of an intriguing novel, reading and being read to helps children explore the countless possibilities of worlds both real and imagined.  
Cultivate a love of reading at an early age.
The stories you read aloud to your

Girl reading poetry for the cover of Why does reading poems build our imagination and creativity

Why does reading poems build our imagination and creativity?

Key point to why does reading poems build our imagination and creativity:

You should encourage creativity and imagination through the world of poetry because it helps us use our imagination to create a picture in our minds of what the words are describing. This exercise helps your mind become stronger by doing it over

Bright playful inforgraphic about 7 Research Driven Reasons to Read More Literature

Why are people reading less? The Reason Fewer Americans are Reading

Key point to why people are reading less:

People are reading less because not only are there more things to read, but there are more products and platforms competing for your attention everyday and this includes the infinite distractions provided by the internet.

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, there is