Renae, 4; Instructor, Michelle Pedersen - Kumon

Renae, 4; Instructor, Michelle Pedersen

Conan Alailima, a civil engineer and Rena Alailima, a military officer and former Kumon Student, knew they wanted to give their daughter Renae a head start in her education.  They could tell from a very young age that their daughter was enthusiastic about learning.  At just 18 months old, Renae already knew her alphabet, alphabet sounds, shapes, colors and could count to ten.  By the time she turned three, Rena and Conan were ready to enroll her in an academic program.

The challenge however, lied in finding a program that would accept Renae at such a young age.  Although Rena didn’t begin Kumon until age ten, she remembered how much it benefited her and quickly began to look into centers nearby.  “It was refreshing to know that they were willing to work with her and would focus on her ability level, not her age,” said Rena.

Renae is now enrolled in Kumon’s Math and Reading programs and is always eager to learn.  “Renae is a pleasure to work with,” said her Instructor Ms. Michelle.  “Her attention span is much better than that of her peers; I sometimes forget that she is only four.”

Renae’s parents are continuously amazed by their daughter.  She knows her numbers up to 100 now, can add plus one to numbers up to 150, and is working on her plus two’s.  She’s able to read three letter words and sound out four letter words.

“Renae is learning things in Kumon I would have never thought to introduce her to at such a young age,” said Rena.  “I love that they’re challenging her.”

For a four year old, having daily assignments to complete can be tough.  Conan however has established a system that works.  “Now we have a set schedule,” said Conan, who makes Kumon the first thing his daughter does every day.  “She knows that once she spends just a few minutes in the morning doing Kumon, she has the rest of the day to play.”

Within a year Renae’s love of learning has continued to flourish.  She reads a book every night with her dad before bed.  Just recently, to her mom’s surprise, she read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss all by herself.  “Now, when Renae’s younger cousin comes over, Renae helps her sound out words so they can read together,” said Rena.