Rohan, 14; Instructor: Lorraine Robinson - Kumon

Rohan, 14; Instructor: Lorraine Robinson

Longtime Kumon student Rohan, 14, of Oak Hill, Va., is having a busy summer. In addition to preparing to attend the prestigious Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology, he will compete in the national finals of the North South Foundation in both math and vocabulary. Rohan is currently ranked first in vocabulary and third in math for his region. He also recently placed first in his chapter’s MATHCOUNTS® competition and is ranked eighth in the state amongst his sixth-to eighth-grade peers.

Rohan completed the Kumon Reading Program a few months ago and is currently studying Level M in math with the hopes of completing before he begins high school. His parents enrolled him because they wanted to challenge their son.

“He loved to learn new things and we want to nurture that enthusiasm,” said Rohan’s mother, Ratna. “The daily practice and independent study helped him develop a sense of responsibility for his education.”

Rohan believes that studying in Kumon has made school easier because he was able to learn concepts before they were taught in school. This made him a resource for his fellow students and a star on his many academic teams and clubs.

“The reading program helped me analyze passages so I was able to delve deeper into stories,” said Rohan. “Because of both programs, I could help other students learn, and that is an incredibly fulfilling feeling.”

Rohan’s journey with Kumon was not without challenges. Level D required extra effort because of long division, but completing it is one of Rohan’s greatest accomplishments.

“My mom never let me give up,” said Rohan. “She’d say, ‘You just have to do it’ and that’s what I tell other students I see struggling.”

“A solid academic foundation is essential to future success,” said mom Ratna. “As parents we must always look at the goals ahead and remind ourselves and our children that perseverance pays off.”

When he isn’t winning math competitions and tutoring others, Rohan enjoys writing stories and has submitted work the Northern Virginia Young Writers competition.  He also plays the piano, viola and the tabla, an Indian drum.