Rohith, 7; Instructor, Elana Sharfstein - Kumon

Rohith, 7; Instructor, Elana Sharfstein

When Rohith’s mother enrolled him at the Kumon of Wellington Center at two years old, she had no idea it would lead to him publishing his first book at the age of four. Rohith, now a vibrant kindergarten student, wrote his first book, Hey Kids, America Needs Us! about his favorite topics: politics and the history of the United States. He discovered that he could use his love of reading and writing to inspire his fellow classmates to take more of an interest in their country, and he hoped to spark action among his peers. Rohith’s strong self-learning spirit, as well as his parents support and guidance, helped him turn his goal into a reality. “His self-learning increased more after he joined Kumon and he believes that he can solve problems or work on any project as independently as he can,” says Rohith’s dad, Karthik. Rohith’s parents are pleased to see their son happy and motivated to succeed even when he faces challenges. “Kumon increased my self-confidence because now I know I can do things on my own instead of depending on my parents and teachers,” explains Rohith. Since entering Level D in the Kumon Math Program, he has also grown more confident in solving more challenging math problems. Rohith’s parents give much credit to his Kumon Instructor, Elana Sharfstein, for boosting his success.  “Ms. Elana Sharfstein is so patient with him and helps put him on the right path at the right time,” says Rohith’s parents, Karthik and HemaMalini. In addition to Kumon, Rohith actively participates in swimming, keyboard lessons, Tamil language classes and Hindu religion classes that provide an understanding of his Indian ancestry and traditions. In the future, he would like to study more about the human body and learn about different species of animals and their life cycles. Rohith has not only set long-term goals for himself, but he has a plan for his younger sister’s future as well. “Whenever I play with my sister, I always tell her, ‘You will be in Kumon soon one day!’ At that time, I will guide her with more confidence that I learned from Kumon,” Rohith states proudly. To read more about Rohith’s book, Hey Kids, America Needs Us! visit