S. Fahim, 13 - Instructor Julie Tsai - Kumon

S. Fahim, 13 – Instructor Julie Tsai

August 12, 2011 ~

Fahim doesn’t back down from a challenge, instead he faces it head on. His courage and perseverance continually lead him to success, such as a recent Kumon Reading program completer and as a National Science Merit Award winner.

The National Science Merit Award recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in academics, citizenship, leadership, attitude and dependability. Shadman’s positive attitude and drive to succeed earned him the award and a $200 grant.

“When I started Kumon, my goal was to complete both programs,” says Fahim. “The feeling of accomplishment and pride when I completed was extremely fulfilling.”

Fahim’s mother enrolled him in the Kumon Center of Riverhead because she wanted to challenge her son, who was eager to learn. Throughout his Kumon studies, Fahim’s family and his instructor, Julie Tsai, were there to encourage and support him. Today Fahim is one of the top students at his middle school and a role model for his fellow Kumon Students. His knowledge of math and reading makes him a great resource to his peers, whom he enjoys helping understand new concepts at school.

“The Kumon curriculum challenged me to understand Shakespeare and improve my vocabulary and writing ability,” said Fahim. “Kumon taught me that I could master anything in school and life.”

When Fahim isn’t working toward completing the Kumon Math program, he enjoys playing soccer and reading.